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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mochi Premium Games

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Where else can I use my MochiCoins?

MochiCoins can be used in any Premium Flash Game available on or across the web. When you see the MochiGames symbol on the game's menu screen, that game will allow you to spend MochiCoins for bonus features. You can view a list of Premium Flash Games on your dashboard.

How do I access my purchased items?

Your items will be available anytime you play a game that you purchased items in, and you are logged into your MochiGames account. When the game loads, look for the MochiGames login widget on the menu screen and make sure your username is displayed. If it is not, then click the 'login' button and follow the on screen instructions. Once you log in, your items should be available in the game. You can view a list of all the games you've purchased on your My Games page.

How do I manage my account?

Your account and profile can be accessed from your dashboard. You can also edit your account settings here at any time. When you registered, you also received a welcome email indicating your username and password (if applicable).

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