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Friday, April 30, 2010

On Going Projects

News Issue #01

Charming Girls 2 is now on progress, estimated project finish on August 2010
New Featured :
1. more maps
2. more shop items
3. stage selection
4. boost up your character stats
5.bonus item from Charming Girls 1

A serving game called "Seafood Lovers" just like burger island
Completed : 35%

We will produce a farm management game too :) called "Farm Rush"
Completed : 10%

Currently we are working on "Sushi No Suki 2" which is quite popular in the first sequel.
We will tell you when it's ready on the next release page.
Completed : 50%

Also we will accomplish soon "Vaigear" a 1-2 players action adventure arcade mode
with a Metal Super Hero Themed.
Completed : 85%

The Last we have "The Savior 2" on the list, with new game play. Hope you will like it.
Completed : 50%

Thanks for everyone that help and support our projects :)

Happy Playing :)
don't forget to bookmark our web :)

Thank You :)


  1. hi.. i'm comming then...
    are you a game maker?!!!! wow!!! its really nice to know u ^^

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